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Thank you for your inquiry.  I am honored to have caught your attention as there are many talented companies to choose from.  Extreme quality service is very important to us.  To better serve you, we have a couple questions just so we can give you the most accurate information and to determine if we are able to assist.  I do apologize if you have answered these questions previously.  Keeping answers all in one spot helps us stay better organized.  Please continue reading below for more information regarding what we offer.

Thank you!

  • When is your WEDDING DATE?

  • Your name and phone number?

  • Are you the Bride?            If not, your affiliation to the Bride?

  • Where is the location of the preparation taking place?

    • Is this place a bridal suite/hall?         If so, what time can you check into the suite/hall?

  • What is your desired time to start hair and makeup preparations for your entire party on your wedding day? 

  • What time will you start getting dressed?

  • I need a very close estimate on how many ladies want

    • hair #____

    • airbrush makeup #___



Please copy, paste, and send these answers back to me if you are interested in moving forward with Northern Waves to


Northern Waves

Thank you for your inquiry but most of all congratulations!  My name is Emily Henning. My team and I offer the convenience of ON-SITE bridal services. I also co-own a salon in Traverse City, MI Salon. This is where I provide cuts, colors, facial hair threading, hair extensions…and pretty much anything else that pertains to hair. I have over 17 years proudly invested in the beauty industry.  Working my way through the ranks from salon receptionist, stylist, barber, self employed stylist, starting Northern Waves, opening and co-owning MI Salon, and licensed educator I never short myself on personal and professional growth.  My children and my profession are the highlights of my world.  Everything I do is with these two images in mind.

Northern Waves has won multiple Couple’s Choice Awards over the past several years. This award was given to us for being in the top 5% of northern Michigan’s hair and makeup stylists with outstanding service, professionalism, customer service and creativity out of all the wedding professionals nationwide.  It is an honor to be recognized for outstanding work but to me, this is how a business should be conducted.  Please read our reviews so that you are assured you have the best choice in all of Northern Michigan for your bridal stylist to be as stunning as you possibly can be.

Please visit Northern Waves On-site Bridal Stylist on Facebook, and to see some of our work and read our reviews. Our experience goes far beyond what is shown here.





Amount of Booking fee $100

This is NON-REFUNDABLE AND ONLY APPLIED TO TRAVEL WITHIN A CERTAIN RADIUS. THIS AMOUNT IS NOT APPLIED TO ANY SERVICES. Please see below for further details. Also, additional travel fees and additional stylist fees are due at the time of contract and are NON-REFUNDABLE.  This fee also covers unlimited emails and text correspondence as well as an itinerary for hair and makeup on your day.  $200 booking fee for weddings during a holiday weekend (Thursday-Sunday).



On the contract you will find space to write the names and services desired for your attendants.  Once you send this contract back to me I will total up the overall cost. 20% of these costs are due at the time of contract.  The remaining payment will be due in cash on the wedding day or other arrangements made. The wedding will not be booked until all fees and payments are made. These fees and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.  We can always try to add services but no cancelations or changes are permitted. Cancelled weddings or services will still be charged full amount to the card on file. 20% gratuity is added to all services subtotals plus 7%.

*If your wedding is being subcontracted through Northern Waves with artists on my team then 50% is collected before the wedding and the remaining is due on the wedding day. I will figure this all out for you; it’s not as confusing as it sounds.


Trials are only done on TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS, and Friday mornings due to weddings and other contracted events. Contact me to schedule your trial as close to your event month as possible. Keep in mind that I am an established stylist with a full clientele; I schedule out at least 2 months.  Book your trial as soon as possible but as close as you can to the actual wedding day.  Trials for weddings that are contracted through other artists other than myself-please are scheduled through me as well.  We will arrange a time, together or with the artists. Trials are not included or free. 


All trials are done at 1128 E 8th St TC MI 49686


Submit payment to Emily Henning for all trials even if you are set up with another stylist


20% gratuity is added to all subtotals.



ALL OUR CORRESPONDENCE WILL BE MADE THROUGH EMAIL TO HAVE A PAPER TRAIL OF OUR CHANGES AND AGREEMENTS.  I do not mind chatting on the phone, but all decisions will be documented in writing.  This helps me stay more organized during the wedding season for your benefit. Please use ONLY ONE THREAD of email so you and I may stay organized as a team.

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Pricing



Formal hair and airbrush makeup with lashes $260

Formal hair and airbrush makeup without lashes $250



Just formal hair $125

Includes: down curled or half up

Short hair style (above ears/no pins/holders) $75

Flower Girl- 7 years and younger $85

Add your clip-in hair extensions that I’ll install for you  $25


Regular makeup $100-you supply your own foundation and lip color


Kett Airbrush makeup-we specialize!

Ideal for minimal up to heavy coverage

Just airbrush makeup with lashes $150

                                           without lashes $130

JUST lashes (ours or applying yours) $20

-supply your own lip color-



Bridal TRIAL packages (2.5hour max)

1 hairstyle and 1 airbrush makeup with lashes trial $250 

                                                          without lashes $240

Just formal hair trial $125 (1 hour) 

Just airbrush with lashes trial $140 (1 hour)

                         without lashes $130 (1 hour)

 Regular makeup $100-you supply your own foundation and lip color


ALL services day of or trial….

  • Provide your own lip color for trial and wedding day. Stains are best.

  • Regular makeup: Provide your own foundation for trial and wedding day. Too many allergies prevent us from supplying this for each client.

  • To apply lashes, you purchased $20

  •  2 or more pins/hair holders is considered a formal style (regarding short hair above ears)

  • 20% gratuity is added to all subtotals (the 20% is added at the end to the total service cost per person. Not reflected in prices above)


Timing of services-estimates:

          Formal styling 45min, Airbrush makeup 45-60mins, Regular makeup 30mins


Bridal Airbrush Makeup-KETT Airbrushing product

Top of the line airbrush makeup with HD resolution for flawless face to face and photos.  I am educated and certified as an airbrush makeup artist.  We have invested a lot in ourselves so you can feel confident investing in us. Please visit my website to read more about this line of makeup.


Additional fees

If more than one stylist is needed on site there is an additional $50 for each stylist.  Please discuss numbers and details with me so there are no surprises. This money is due at time of booking. This money is NON- REFUNDABLE as I have secured additional artists that have blocked off this time.

If services are needed after services are complete there will be a charge of $75 per 30mins.  Please try not to change rooms / locations because it creates a measurable decrease in timeliness. Make sure your photographer has our prep schedule to avoid extra costs.

Any hotel, parking, or fairy fees, etc,  must be paid in advance.  We will work towards an agreement to settle this. If any fees are incurred while traveling to the wedding it will be the responsibility of the signing party to reimburse artists.  Personal meals are not required to be covered.


Weddings inside 15 miles of 3853 Five Mile Rd TC MI 49686, service subtotals may not fall under $600 unless approved. Long distance 16-25 miles may not fall under $900. Distance 26+ miles may not fall under $100  Traveling inside of 15 miles is NO CHARGE.  Traveling outside of the 16 miles is an additional charge, $1/mile


Overnight packages that include travel can be discussed to lower travel and lodging prices.

Please note that my services are “first deposited gets the stylist”.  Ask any questions, you may have to ensure yourself you are making the best choice.  All "available" wedding dates are subject to change as wedding contracts quickly come in.  Please ask for the contract and send it back WITH the booking fee as soon as you can to secure your date. 


All sent contracts are voided with in 6 day if booking fees and any additional fees are not included or taken care of shortly after submitted.


Thank you for your time

I look forward to answering all questions you may have. Once we secure the date, please share my email with all members of your wedding party. This way any questions they have about hair can be directed to me, so you don’t have to worry about any hairy details.

Information on this page may differ from information sent by me in a direct email.  I try my best to keep this page current

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