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Emily Henning, Northern Michigan's certified KETT airbrush makeup certified artist.


Let answer why every bride should be airbrushed....


Why KETT Airbrush makeup? 


During the turn of the century, the United States experienced the transition from Analog to Digital technology, presenting an increase in clarity and precision in imagery for HD Television. The photography industry has also shifted heavily from film to digital providing an ability to create super saturated and sharper imagery than previously seen. With this transition cosmetic formulas and makeup artists have had to adapt to meet the new demands of innovation. KETT Cosmetics, founded by Sheila McKenna in 2003, was at the forefront in creating products for the HD camera. Always tested under the magnification of the lens, KETT Cosmetics offers a line of makeup and airbrush equipment exclusive to the professional industry and globally available in 19 countries. Today airbrush makeup has become an industry standard for its speed in application and its refined finish. It is ideal for all genres of artistry including print, runway, film, special effects, bridal and everyday makeup. Created for makeup artists by a makeup artist KETT Cosmetics meets the demands of industry professionals with a concise yet diverse range of shades while also being environmentally conscious.


How does it work?

There are many advantages to airbrushing makeup. So, how does airbrush actually work? A compressor or air pump generates an output of controlled airflow referred to as psi (pounds per square inch) that is gentle enough to be used on the face or body. This component connects to an airbrush gun by a coiled hose. Liquid makeup for foundation, blush or even eyeshadow is poured into a cup at the top of the gun and then dispersed from the airbrush, spraying thousands of micro droplets onto the skin. This technique creates an even application across the skin. It is unique to airbrush and unachievable by any other traditional form of application. Airbrush can deliver the benefit of a traceless makeup application for a “soft focus” finish. This diffused application gives the artist the ability to camouflage and perfect the complexion almost magically.



Why airbrush makeup?

Airbrush offers the makeup artist the advantage of speed in application, the ability to easily camouflage skin imperfections and custom blend foundation seamlessly. With airbrush application sanitation is also simple, as the airbrush never even touches the skin. 



Why KETT airbrush foundations?

KETT airbrush foundations are made with either a water (Hydro) or alcohol (Hydro Proof) base.  The shade range spans ten colors for the fairest to the deepest in skin tones – five with an olive undertone and five with a ruby undertone. Both offer a long lasting wear and are fragrance, silicone and paraben free. As an additional benefit KETT Cosmetics are free of reactive ingredients that may cause sensitivity, flash back or appear greasy on camera. The wide variety in color collections and textures can create everything from a matte finish to a soft glow or a high shine for subtlety or dramatic impact.

The Hydro Foundations are adjustable for sheer to full coverage, lightweight and perfect for face and body makeup offering a natural matte finish. From everyday wear to professional use the possibilities are endless for a flawless complexion and HD close-ups.

Hydro Proof Foundations are a waterproof medium created exclusively for airbrush use. Also adjustable for sheer to full coverage, this weightless formula provides a natural matte finish and is compatible for use on skin, latex, foam latex, gelatin, plastic and silicone appliances. This waterproof and smudge proof formula wears beautifully through any situation.  It stays put till removed and is ideal for advanced camouflage, tattoo coverup and body makeup.


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