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About Me


With 17 years experience and training from some of the beauty industries leaders from coast to coast my experience has lead me to create modern, retro, colorful, graceful, groomed and elegant looks on a vast array of people. 


Proud owner of Northern Waves, co-ower of MiSalon, beauty educator and mom of 3 beautiful, natural blondes.


Northern Waves is an accomplished, multi award winning Couple's Choice Award  for solid 5 star ratings out of wedding professionals nationwide.  Please check out all of review there!

emily salon1 (2).jpg

"I never thought this hairstyle would look good on me....I LOVE IT, EMILY!  THANK YOU!"

What's in it for you

Northern Waves is a team of licensed artists who travel to your bridal party, allowing you all to relax and feel confident that you all are in talented and experienced care.  You all undoubtedly will look and feel your very best amidst the excitement of the big day.  As a business owner and a bride, I understand the importance of having outstanding customer service and a confident team assisting you.  Working with Northern Waves will provide you not only an award-winning suite of services, but a professionalism that leaves your worries at the door so you can dance the night away.

My vision

 Our goal is to create the most relaxed setting with your loved ones around you while you feel energized by the excitement of a new journey and the peace of experienced hands and exceptional professionalism.  We strive to create our own personal image designed around your hair texture, color, facial contour, and theme.  My team and I continue to invest our time and energy into expanding our knowledge so you feel confident investing in us.

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