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Beauty Tips


With the hustle and bustle of our lives and the constant juggling of appointments, running kids to school, school sports, and work, time is a constant issue. We tend to put everyone else's needs before our own in order to create more time. Our hair must have no exception!! Only 5 seconds more can make an amazing difference.

  1. Shampoo with a professional line. This eliminates the waxy build up that is created with cheap shampoos.  These cheap store bought brands will NOT repair your hair but leave it coated and lack luster over time.  Professional shampoos are concentrated and in price comparison, professional shampoos actually last longer then store bought.  A little investment up front will save you money and make you shine in the end.

  2. TOWEL DRY YOUR HAIR.​  5 seconds!  Reach out of your shower (your body stays in the shower) and towel dry your hair thoroughly.  Removing the water from your hair allows your conditioner to penetrate the cuticle of the hair and actually do its job.  If you do not follow this step you are only conditioning your shower drain. 

  3. Condition with a professional conditioner.​ Apply a SMALL amount of conditioner to the ENDS of your hair and work up the hair.  You will notice your investment in good conditioner goes a long, long way now.  DO NOT apply conditioner to the scalp unless you suffer from extreme dry scalp, otherwise you will become oily and flat sooner than normal.  Conditioner is to replace the oils that the scalp secretes to nourish the hair.  In long hair, these oils cannot reach those lengths and a professional conditioner is formulated to give back what the scalp cannot supply.   Let it sit for no less than 1 minutes while you go about your routine in the shower.

Following these easy steps will give you healthier, more vibrant hair.  I PROMISE YOU!


If coloring your hair was as easy as buying a box, I wouldn't have a job.  If you are doing box color at home and experiencing dry, frizzy ends I have a remedy for you.  Your hair is your most worn accessory.  Treat it right.  Keep it polished, vibrant and balanced.  Together, we will find colors and accents that fit your style, age and profession at a reasonable cost.


In the salon there is no joke intended when we speak of someone having a "bad hair day".  Your hair is one of the first physical assets people notice about you when you are going about your busy day.  Keep your compete look together with as little or as much effect you're willing to put into it.  Regardless if it's a ponytail kind of day or a fantastic evening ahead your hair's health starts with the shampoo/conditioning line and routine.

Use a heat protectant (as directed) on your damp hair after showering.  Along with your conditioning, this is an important step to protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer and other styling tools.  Making sure the cuticle of the hair is laying down flat on its surface will create maximum shine while reducing snarls on porous ends.  Not using your conditioner and heat protectant will only lead to more porous ends and more haircuts.

I invite you to sit down and let me help educate you on more simple ways to style, color, and care for your hair.

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